Sense member Rafael Vareto wins Best Master’s Thesis Award at SIBGRAPI 2018

Rafael Henrique Vareto won the Best Master’s Thesis Award on the Workshop of Theses and Dissertations (WTD) of the 31st Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, SIBGRAPI 2018. Currently a Ph.D. student, the Sense member presented his research “Face Recognition Based on a Collection of Binary Classifiers”, defended last year. Started on October 29 and ended yesterday, SIBGRAPI is the main conference on computer vision and graphics in South America.… Read more

Best Paper Runner-up Award – IJCB 2017

SSIG paper Towards Open-Set Face Recognition using Hashing Functions received the Best Paper Runner-up Award in the International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2017). This paper tackles open-set face identification. The problem of open-set face recognition determines whether the subject’s picture presented to the recognition system belongs to a known individual (person in the gallery). This problem is of great importance to find suspects in public environment.… Read more

PLS Face Identification

This software, called PLS Face Identification (PFI), implements the one-against-all face identification method proposed in [1] and [2] (the second is an extension of the first by adding new feature descriptors). This software allows researchers to compare face identification methods to our method using datasets other than those considered in our papers.

To facilitate its usage, we provide a small data set (a subset of the FERET dataset), inside the directory SampleData in the software package.  … Read more